9 Tricks to make your phone look brand new

The day we get our new phones in our hand, they look so good and so smooth. After using for few months, they lose that sleek appearance because we drop it, scratch it, keep it unclean or clean in the wrong way and put it in a dusty place. It is not a difficult task to keep them the way they were the day you first saw them. Here are 9 tricks to make your phone look brand new and people will think you just bought it today:


  1. Do not put it in a purse full of things such as keys, pens, nail clippers glasses or mirrors because these objects can cause scratch marks on your mobile phone screen. A mobile phone with a screen full of scratches looks old and dull.
  2. Get a phone case and cover for your mobile phone.  Some mobile phone cases are waterproof which protects your phone even more. If you drop your phone nothing will happen to your phone if you are getting a good phone case. They even increase your grip so the chance of dropping the mobile phones decreases. They come in many color and many patterns and you can choose one that goes with your personality. Such as most girls go for the cheetah print phone case.
  3. Do not use rubbing alcohol directly to clean your phone. Do not use glass cleaners, hand sanitizers, wet tissues or baby shampoos. While using the alcohol, you must be sure that the percentage of water is 65% and the rest is alcohol.
  4. There are wipes available in the market and soft microfiber cloth particularly made for phones, you can buy them and use to get all the dust from the phones and make them as good as new.
  5. Take off your phone case from time to time and clean that as well and clean the corners of the mobile phone using a clean a dry cotton swab or a piece of small cotton.
  6. Be sure the rubbing alcohols do not enter your phone. Take out your battery once a week and let it rest before you put it back in and start working on your phone again. Do not put your phone to charge and go to sleep overnight. Overnight charging damages the phone and also do not plug in earphones while the phone is being charged.
  7. There are sprays designed to clean the phone and you can use them because they are great at killing the bacteria. They mainly target the bacteria on your phone that builds up when we talk on the phone.   
  8. Open the back of your phone to clean the inside and for that use a dry cotton swab. Do not put pressure on the camera lens. Do not use water and leave it open for a few minutes before assembling all the parts back together.
  9. Do not give it to children as they are more likely to drop them. Toddlers have a tendency to lick the mobile phones or drop food on them. Keep the phone away from pets if you want it to look brand new.