Green Label

The philosophy of the owners is to fully dedicate the Amazonat project to the principles of a genuine Eco lodge. All wood used for the construction of the project has been FSC certified by Smartwood. Amazonat Jungle Lodge is also a Supporting Institute of the Ecotourism Society, and a member of Sustainable Travel International. The lodge has been selected by the Eco Club as one of only 36 “Genuine Jungle Lodges” in the world.


Amazonat Jungle Lodge accommodates its visitors in comfortable duplex chalets, thus two apartments under one roof.

In total there are 9 duplex chalets, or 18 apartments. These can house a maximum of 54 guests (for groups even up to 75 persons). All these chalets are identical, come fully furnished and include a separate bedroom that is equipped with a comfortable queen size bed.

In addition, the living is provided with a bed sofa for two adults plus a single bed. In principle 5 adults can be accommodated per apartment. Each apartment has a private bathroom with toilet and washing table, as well as a small sitting area with bar fridge. Ventilators are provided to keep the apartments cool. Nights at Amazonat are considered cool all year round.

Potable water in the apartments comes from the mineral water source of the lodge. This water is of the purest quality and 100% safe to drink. The lodge sells bottled mineral water, too.

A large outside deck with hammocks brings the guest into safe and intimate contact with the nearby jungle. The construction style of the chalets is typical of the region: lots of wood and no glass doors or windows; instead, screens are used throughout to enhance your contact with nature.

Each apartment is named after one of the hundreds of local birds, underscoring the fact that the Amazonat guest is known by name rather than by number.

Jungle Survival Camps

To fully explore the rainforest, two jungle campsites have been constructed in addition to the lodge proper. These two survival camps are located at 4 and 7 kilometers (roughly 2 and 4 miles) from the lodge. In one of these campsites you can spend one or more nights under authentic jungle conditions.

The nearest campsite, called Jane’s Place, is at 2 hours walking from the lodge. Jane’s Place is highly popular with guests who stay for shorter periods. The more experienced and adventurous traveller will be allowed to walk the 3 hours hike to the second site called Indian Camp. From Indian Camp you can make even longer, multiple-day expeditions with one of our experienced guides.


The Arara’s restaurant has been built in the classical indigenous style; completely open, with a thatched roof that is made from more than 3.500 palm leaves. The restaurant is the place to meet-up and chat with your fellow guests. The kitchen serves local and international specialties, including vegetarian meals. We are especially proud of our kitchen, since it is frequently praised by visitors from all over the world. Rather than a fixed menu, we offer a choice of two or three entrées that vary daily, based on what is available ... we only use fresh ingredients.

Exposition/Reception Building

Our guests are received in the central building that has been named after the Mura, a vanished tribe that used to live in this region. Besides the administration, the building houses a small souvenir shop and an Internet café. To demonstrate the specifics of the lodge a permanent exposition contains a display of archeological objects found during the construction of the lodge, an explanation of the scientific research performed at the lodge and a stand from the Rainforest Alliance about the FSC philosophy regarding Sustainable Forest Management.

Game House

Built on 10-meter high stilts and with the same technique used for the restaurant, the Game House offers entertainment for guests who stay for longer periods: a readers corner with a small library, television set with video and DVD presentations, pool-table and chess corner, all together with a panoramic view over part of the lodge.