Activities at Amazonat Jungle Lodge

Amazonat offers a great number of activities in- and outside the lodge, we specify:

Inside the Lodge

All activities that are related to jungle hiking or trekking, survival and/or educational tours under “dry conditions” (no river or boat activities) are organized within the perimeters of the lodge.

Outside the Lodge

All activities related to river programming are organized outside the private estate of the lodge. Amazonat Jungle Lodge offers its guests the unique opportunity to visit three different rivers, each with its highly individual character. The package determines which rivers are to be visited. Guests who stay-on for a longer period will be rewarded with a better impression, within a more comfortable time schedule. The river systems, and the characteristic ecosystems they support, include the relatively poor but photogenetic black waters (poor in terms of nutrients and life forms, yet adorned with beautiful white beaches) and the wealthy Amazon river with its breathtaking abundance of wildlife. This exquisite natural variation enables the lodge to present a programming with a high level of educational, adventure and amusement value.

Urubú river

The Urubú river is located at 20 minutes by car, to the east of the lodge. The Urubú is one of the blackwater contributors to the Amazon river. High concentrations of natural tannins cause the extreme acidity of its dark brownish water. This limits the carrying capacity for wildlife in- and around this type of river, including the Negro river.

Dark water rivers offer beautiful passages but high expectations of wildlife sightings will not be fulfilled. The Urubú river is no exception, the state of preservation, however, and the presence of well developed Igapo’s (flooded forests) make this river a favorit for survival- and daytrips.

The Urubú river is always the first river to visit in the packages of the lodge.

Rio Preta da Eva

The southern extreme of Amazonat Jungle Lodge borders on Rio Preto da Eva. Just like the Urubú river, Rio Preta da Eva’s blackwater too, flows into the mighty Amazon. The discharge of the brownish water into the Amazon river attracts the grey dolphin (Tucuxi) and the illustrious pink dolphin (Boto Vermelho) practically all year round.

The last 25 kilometers of this river possesses an ecosystem unique for the region because it is both affected by the black water (high level) and by the white, muddy water (low level). This has created two types of food plains, another reason to establish the lodge in this region precisely.

Amazon river

One of the highlights of a visit to Amazonat Jungle Lodge will be a trip on the Amazon river, the largest river in the world in terms of volume. The Amazon will be the third river to visit, after the introduction to the blackwater rivers in the previous days.

The lack of wildlife of the blackwater systems is now generously compensated during the visit to the Amazon river. Here the visitor is rewarded with an abundance of birds, the giant waterlily (Vitoria Regia), scores of fish, the aforementioned grey- and pink dolphins and alligators.

You will meet friendly people here that enjoy opening up their home and company to visiting guests.

River Boat Trips

A stay at Amazonat Jungle Lodge can be combined with custom made river boat trips to suit your personal preferences precisely. You decide the length of the trip, designations for on-shore exploration and the educational or recreational character of your adventure.