Advisory board

Amazonat Jungle lodge is supported by a small group of renowned scientists who are familiar with the region and with the philosophy of the lodge. Most of these scientists worked, or still are active, in the region and support the lodge in the creation of tropical forest research projects designed for students on B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D level. These projects help develop a better understanding of the complex characteristics of Amazonian ecology. At the same time Amazonat Jungle Lodge provides a link between ‘Genuine Ecotourism’ and these scientific studies. Students spend several hours of their day on presentations and/or demonstrations to guests of the lodge.

The first scientist to become involved with the initiatives of the lodge with respect to sustainable projects and who has been with us from the very beginning, is Prof. Dr. R.A.A. Oldeman (Silviculture and Forest Ecology). Professor Oldeman is internationally recognized for being the leading authority in Canopy Farming.

The Dutch Foundation ‘Stichting Het Kronendak’ supports the lodge with background information for research on tropical forests. Vice President of the Foundation is Dr. P. Romeijn (Tropical Silviculture).

Anne Visscher (M.Sc.) has recently completed an inventory of orchid and bromeliad populations in the lodge. The results of her study can be found at 'Remarkable plants @Amazonat'.