Amazonat Jungle Lodge is one of the very few ‘Genuine Eco Lodges’ in Brazil. It offers adventure and educational activities. In addition, we provide educational and economical support to several small communities in the surrounding area.

On top of that, researchers and students find Amazonat Jungle Lodge a preferred location for scientific research and studies ... the very areas that are accessible to the eco-tourist who visits the lodge.

For these reasons the lodge is situated in a unique location known for the presence of a pristine, diverse and impressive dry forest (Terra Firme). This dry forest contains many unknown and un-described tree and plant species, far away from the civilized world. From the lodge various expeditions are undertaken in combination with three (3) river systems at hand:

  • The rare two-toed slothThe Rio Urubu, a typical black water river known for her Igapo’s (forest growing in the water)
  • The Rio Preto da Eva, another, larger, scenic black water contributor
  • The Rio Amazonas, or the mighty Amazon river.

The strength of the ‘Amazonat Formula’ is due to the combined packages of dry forest, black water rivers and the huge Amazon that readily demonstrate the principally different ecosystems supported by these rivers. You will be introduced to the poor but photo genetic black waters (poor in terms of nutrients and life forms) and to the wealthy Amazon river with its staggering abundance of wildlife. This combination enables the lodge to present a programming that guarantees a high level of educational, adventure and amusement value.